LOKIN concern every product and quality details to find better way.

♦  High-class grip handle lockset, stamping stainless steel 304 trim with many kinds of elegant and stylish model designs.
♦  Mortise mechanism, heavy-duty, patented and fire-proof.
♦  Anti-theft Grade A and B certified.
♦  600,000 cycle-test passed, 10-year mechanical warranty.
♦  Multipoint locking system available.
♦  Global first-creative revolutionary structure for mortise lock case.
♦  Solid stainless steel 304 for latch, deadbolts, rotor and follower, with anti-saw function, bringing a peaceful and secure environment to your home.
♦  Anti-panic and back-locking function, one step quickly locked and unlocked for double security to your family.
♦  Solid brass profile cylinder with protector and construction-key function, anti-drill. Keyway: Global first-creative, one side with track-cut pin, the other side with single-row pin, do not duplicate, key-cut combination up to 15,000,000 sets, extremely top secure level.
♦  Applicable to many kinds of wooden door and metal doors.

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